The problem we are solving

Since the Axie Infinity has proven the play-to-earn works, and even the average daily income has surpassed the world's second gold-absorbing mobile games PUBG, developers are eager to adopt GameFi in their games. But not every free-to-play game that adopts GameFi could become Axie Infinity, GameFi is an entirely different story. Here are the key challenges developers are facing:
Massive blockchain engineering efforts
Blockchain engineering is a totally different profession from other mainstream techniques. Blockchain engineering is not only about writing smart contracts. Building a decentralized system requires multiple adjacent skills to complete; it's a whole new world with integrated specialties, including wallet systems, blockchain oracles, RPC nodes, etc. And as you know, companies struggle to get good talent. Recruiting blockchain experts usually takes plenty of effort, not to mention recruiting an engineer who can write a low gas fee smart contract. Building a GameFi project requires tremendous engineering techniques and knowledge, not just hiring several engineers to write smart contracts.
Difficult to onboarding players
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that would tremendously impact the world. Yet, the barrier to entry is still extremely high. To play the play-to-earn games the players need to go through the whole process from registering a centralized exchange, buying a native "coin" as gas fees (and players need to know the differences among blockchains), downloading the wallet, sending the coin to the wallet on the correct blockchain, and connecting the wallet. And there are more problems and troubles to be conquered to play the play-to-earn games. No wonder most players stop halfway.
Gaming industry experience bias
What is the critical difference between traditional gaming and GameFi? Traditional gaming usually focuses on the in-game economy, the virtual assets like game props and tokens are only designed for the players. GameFi is the whole ecosystem that is far more than just adding NFTs and offering tokens in-game; it brings different values to players, investors, and developers. The key point of GameFi is - indorse secondary market. Without bring-in secondary market the game tokens would be valueless. You may know the combination that can motivate players, but what combination can motivate players and investors to ensure your token value could sustain?
Rollin.Games: Adopt GameFi Effortlessly
Rollin.Games aims to remove the entry barriers of GameFi for both developers and their players. With Rollin.Games, developers can build their play-to-earn games in minutes by drag-n-drop GameFi Lego without any blockchain knowledge. Players can skip the long and complex onboarding steps to play the Play-to-Earn games in the way they are already familiar with.