Game Token Minter

Complete a precise and practicable token allocation through Game Token Minter.
A calculator to calculate the demand and supply of token to make sure token basis make sense
With Rollin.Games tokenomic calculator, developers are able to design a reasonable distribution of rewards based on historical game datas. And maintaining a balance between inflation and deflation by calculating the ratio of token distribution and consumption.
Mint tokens and distribute to corresponding parties
Without knowing the differences between ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155, developers can mint tokens and NFTs through Rollin.Games Token Minter with ease. In addition, the tokens could be distributed to the designated wallet by simply entering the allocation ratio and address for the genesis token distribution.
GameFi reward game token preserve smart contract
Moreover, developers can preserve the calculated game token ratio to the corresponding smart contract in token allocation, and the game tokens will be automatically released to the player's in-game wallet when the player completes the specified tasks. The proportion and execution of token distribution will be done by Game Token Minter and GameFi smart contracts, without extra effort from the developer.