Blockchain Oracle APIs

Bridging the centralized gaming system and decentralized blockchain system easily.
Interact with blockchains in-game through APIs
Rollin.Games enables developers to create in-game wallets for players by API, the in-game wallets are full function cross-chain wallets that could interact with smart contracts, send transactions, and mint NFTs. The in-game wallet lets the players skip the tedious steps of learning how to use wallets.
Creates multi-chain wallets for players through APIs
Rollin.Games now supports Ethereum, Solana, Polygon(Matic), Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Aributrium ,and Optimism. Developers can easily create multi-chain wallets for players simply through APIs. Without being familiar with multiple wallets, players can interact with different blockchains and manage on-chain assets through one single wallet.
By depositing RGS, Rollin.Games would pay the gas fee for players for corresponding developers
Gas fees are a major barrier to onboarding new players, Rollin.Games allows players to interact with different blockchains without paying gas fees. Once the game developers deposited RGS, the gas fees would be paid by Rollin.Games, and the deposited RGS will be consumed as gas fees for corresponding developers.
Fully customizable wallet interface
Unlike using the extension web3 wallet, developers can fully customize the in-game wallet interface through Rollin.Games, which creates a more coordinated design for players.